Broken Leg Blog

I broke my leg and decided to start a blog about it


Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

I was watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while on the stationary bike at Crunch tonight when something caught my eye: a pair of crutches. Apparently the new cast member Brandi had broken her leg in a freak high heel accident, as Housewives do.

Brandi chose to accessorize her crutches with a short, tight black cocktail “dress”, dyed blonde hair, excessive cleavage and a ridiculous stiletto heel on her one good leg.

I’m now convinced that nothing about this show is real. Having gone through the experience of a broken leg and knowing how long it takes just to get in the shower, I’ve determined this entire scenario is impossible. You’re welcome, America.

Uggs, Revisited

Back when I first broke my leg I asked myself whether To Ugg Or Not To Ugg (spoiler, I bought Uggs). So tonight when Kristin invited me to join her for the launch of Ugg Collection in their 5th Avenue showroom I figured I would check out some new comfortable post broken leg footwear. Instead I found some very un-Ugg-like leather ankle wedges that I’m coveting for fall. It’s like they waited for my leg to heal before debuting heels. So, thanks Uggs.

Understand what you can control. Don’t be a victim. Figure out a way to get things done. Adam Bryant, The Corner Office

Full Circle

I wore these DVF heels that I got at Saks to a wedding in Long Island City last night. And I danced in them. Take that, broken leg.


Fashion Week Aftermath

Every 6 months New York (and I) experience the whirlwind of Fashion Week - which is really more like two weeks. I missed last February because of my broken leg surgery and in September I navigated the week carefully and mostly in flats.

This season I was back in full force with 12 packed days of running around the city attending events and tending to clients in heels. However, as the end of the week approached my broken leg started to swell some and I got a little nervous about my hardware (in case you missed it this is what I’ve got going on inside). I’ll be heading back to Dr. William Hung for a 1 year check up and to make sure all is alright.

Meanwhile, below are a few of my favorite looks (from left to right: Marchesa, Eli Tahari, Ports 1961, Doo.Ri & Jenny Packham):

My One Year Broken-Leg-a-versary

Last February 9th I spent the day at NYU Medical center on the table in surgery for my broken leg. I missed out on all of fashion week and spent a lot of time with my friend Percocet.

This February 9th I spent a long 13 hours in my office, had lunch with my former boss at Nobu 57 and hit the Bullett Magazine fashion week kick off party, all in 5 inch heels.

It’s been a long year but I’ve come a long way.

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year at this time I was the Foursquare mayor of my apartment (which I had dubbed The Broken Leg Lounge) and my Doctor’s office.

This year I am the Foursquare mayor of my office and the nearby Starbucks.

On last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, Hannah broke her leg. I was so ahead of the trend on this whole thing.

Happy New Year

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I will make an exception. I resolve not to break any bones in 2011. Fingers crossed!